Roger Holmes completely changed his life by using meditation as the bedrock for anything he does. The results have been eye-catching. At 27 he gave up his steady job in sales to embark on self-funded education. A 2004 computer science graduate, who focused on Cognitive Psychology and Human Computer Interaction for his MSc (2007), Roger has undertaken many long-term, life-changing projects, which require high levels of self-motivation and perserverance.

In the summer of 2016, he cycled solo and unsupported across the United States, from San Francisco to New York City – pedalling up a total of 3,575 miles to raise funds for a cancer charity. He is currently writing a book about the experience. A chance encounter in a remote village in Connemara, Ireland during Thanksgiving 2014, kindled romance which blossomed into marriage, and a move to New York City. “Had I not been practicing meditation, I may not even have noticed that gift”, he recalls. “Meditation allows us to see the beauty of the present moment, by nudging the past and the future out of our thought process – leaving only a state of beautiful consciousness which brings us peace, happiness and abundant motivation for success.”

Since moving to New York City, Roger has trained in the Transcendental Meditation technique, attends The School of Practical Philosophy, and constantly works on self-development through meditation. His next adventure will be on the Lowest to Highest Hike in California, where he will hike alone for a week through Badwater in Death Valley to the summit of Mount Whitney. “When we get to know, and make friends with ourselves through meditation, we can go much much further than we ever dreamed possible. Self-doubt subsides. And that opens up a lot of opportunities.”

Born and raised in Donegal, Roger has been heavily influenced by the raw force and beauty of the rugged Atlantic coastline on Ireland’s west coast. “There is something magically transformative about the ocean. Just as the salt water can heal our wounds, the ability of such an expance of water to retreat from stormy swells to glassy tranquility can inspire us to do the same. We are tied to the ocean.” He first meditated by chance, while sitting high on a clifftop over looking the ghost fishing of Port, and the lost valley of Glenlough. The transformation was immediate. Since then, he has kept a blog called The Paris Method, which recounts his experiences. His relationship with the Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland’s barren west coast has inspired a branch of self-help which he refers to as Celtic Meditation.

Having previously managed his own business – Twenty20 Media – worked in sales, advertising, marketing and PR as well as a three year IT role with a large American insurance company, Roger has an understanding of the pressures of performing within varied work environments and organizational structures. He founded in8 Motivation in 2017 to bring his passion for meditation and motivation coaching to New York City. The name? “I chose in8 because I believe we all have a built in caability to succeed and be happy. We may lose contact with that desire from time to time due to the busy world around us, but it is there. We just need to get in touch with it”.

Roger plays bass guitar and ukulele, loves chess, likes to travel, hang out in New York’s coffee houses, supports Tottenham for his troubles, and is keenly aware of how ridiculous it is to write third person bio’s in the first person.

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