In The Pipeline…

In The Pipeline….

Adventures can sometimes happen spontaneously. And thats great. But the most satisfying adventures are the ones where you place that adventure just beyond the realm of what you initially think is possible – into the murky horizon where fear might live. And then, when you work towards it and meet that fear and stride past it, well, thats where you really enjoy an adventure that you created for yourself.

When I completed Trans-Atlantic Cycle, I proved something to myself. And now that I have that experience, it is only a natural progression to want more. To push the boundaries. Right now I’m in the creative stage – planning an adventure to work towards after I am done with the Lowest-to-Highest. When I finished cycling across America, I realized that there is one thing that I would have done differently; I would have had my next goal already in place. I won’t let that happen again. We need to have a goal. Always. So when Im on Mount Whitney, I want to already know what comes next – what direction Im pointed towards.

Right now, all I know is that it will be cold. While on Trans-Atlantic Cycle, I rode through 110 degrees in the desert. I went over mountains. The lowest to highest will be similar, only exchanging the cycling with hiking. But now I want a different challenge, so it will be a cold weather challenge.

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